Freight Forwarding

Freight Forwarding

a freight forwarder is the key mediator between the shipper and the consignee; liaising with various carriers to strike the best deals while discovering reliable and fastest routes.

alpha global, as a freight forwarder, has 15 plus years of expertise and experience in the business and is a leading name in the pakistan and has recently opened its arms in the market of uae for freight forwarding, one being our geographically strategic location, and two having a vast network of teams that accommodates demanding timelines and demonstrates untiring performance. our association with fiata, wca, jc trans and nafl instils confidence in our customers and makes us the preferred choice over any other for freight forwarding.

ocean freight forwarding

Alpha global has mastered deep-sea shipping of full container loads (fcl) and less than container loads (lcl), project movements, and deck cargo. we are associated with over 400 ports globally to organise both import and export to and from all main areas of the world.

You can be fully confident of your shipment reaching its destination in perfect condition, on time, and within given budgets, as we partner with the best shipping companies and nvoccs (non-vessel operating common carrier) worldwide.

Every job is important to us no matter how small or big. we consolidate smaller orders into one large full container giving you the advantage of reduced cost and overheads; along with value-added services such as pre-shipment inspection, labelling, product checks, and provision of additional documentation.


Alpha global being in dubai (situated between east and west) is the perfect transit hub for a large volume of sea-air shipments for our customers in america and europe. shipments from the far east and the indian subcontinent arrive by sea and are cleared within a maximum of 6 hours of arrival at the port, transferred to the airport, and are finally flown to their destination.

our services in this area comprise


Handling and monitoring the physical and online movement of your products, furnishing you with up-to-date information, and timely deliveries involve air freight. we at alpha global are flexible and have unrestricted access to over 750 airports world-wide with a network that is awe-inspiring because of brilliant co-ordination by our teams.

A large number of airlines operate flights to and from dubai, making it commercially viable for managing import and export products. having an experienced and knowledgeable partner like alpha global in dubai amplifies a multitude of air freight services. in addition, alpha global carefully negotiates standing agreements with several carriers brings you the best prices.

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